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33 to-do’s for the next twelve months

Publish a birthday blog (check) Create daily rituals by fully utilizing the Dragontree Dreambook & Planner Make homemade pesto with homegrown basil Go apple picking in an orchard Move to Chicago Camp in my own tent Rollerblade in the park Purge a ridiculous amount of belongings to Good Will and live more simply Find the […]


how to have unlimited access to divine Love

Ask for it. It’s really that simple. #realtalk: People look at my life and tell me they are inspired. I tell you… I don’t have it all together. I don’t have all the answers. What I have is Jesus. And what you see in me is HIM. When you want access to that powerful, loving […]

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First Comes Love, Then Comes…

Infinite possibilities. Not the playground song you expected, huh? I like this version better. I was thinking back on my 2016 goals. (We’re five months in, ya know – Almost 6! Eeek!) Definitely a good time to reflect, recharge, and forge ahead with regained focus. The first page of my 2016 journal prioritizes self love […]

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