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33 to-do’s for the next twelve months

Publish a birthday blog (check) Create daily rituals by fully utilizing the Dragontree Dreambook & Planner Make homemade pesto with homegrown basil Go apple picking in an orchard Move to Chicago Camp in my own tent Rollerblade in the park Purge a ridiculous amount of belongings to Good Will and live more simply Find the […]

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how to have unlimited access to divine Love

Ask for it. It’s really that simple. #realtalk: People look at my life and tell me they are inspired. I tell you… I don’t have it all together. I don’t have all the answers. What I have is Jesus. And what you see in me is HIM. When you want access to that powerful, loving […]


What Your Spirit Sounds Like

“Something immensely spiritual takes place when we learn to choose happiness again and again.”  – my own blissful thought process after a 2.5 mile run, 2.5 mile kayak, and meditation music streaming through my earbuds among the sounds of the lake. We all have an inner voice. Listen to her. Learn from her.     Needing […]

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