about kristen

Two truths and a bucket list item (because I wouldn’t tell you a lie):

  1. 27 Hours On A Greyhound
  2. A niece named after the moon
  3. Soaring high in a hot air balloon

Hi. I’m sure somewhere in my posts, the two truths from above are probably revealed, but I’ll let you keep guessing for now. (: Thanks for being here! The When I Glow Up concept has been brewing in my brain and in my heart for a very long time. It’s a classic story of fear vs. love, and I am a classic case of stumbling through life before landing in my brightest truth.

Former photographer turned administrative assistant turned English teacher turned head hunter turned retail manager turned …. you can quickly see, I didn’t know where I was going or what I wanted. And that’s okay! I don’t fault the not knowing. The problem was – I didn’t see my worth, my value, my capacity, my power. Not seeing those parts of me was a miserable way to be lost. Then, in 2013 I took a leap of faith to pursue my newfound passion in the fitness industry, and I began to notice that the more I said YES to those things that light me up… the more my world began to make sense – in most beautiful and unexpected ways! Even the smallest action steps propelled me into more brightness.

My fitness career has now overlapped with a career in spa and wellness, where it is my privilege to help others find the world of self love and self care. Because you see, no matter how much brightness we have the capacity of generating… darkness still creeps in. When we know how to glow through that darkness, the light takes over again much more quickly. Here I tell my collection of stories – because our stories matter. Our stories create change. Our stories are not finished. Will you glow with me?

With love,