33 to-do’s for the next twelve months

  1. Publish a birthday blog (check)
  2. Create daily rituals by fully utilizing the Dragontree Dreambook & Planner
  3. Make homemade pesto with homegrown basil
  4. Go apple picking in an orchard
  5. Move to Chicago
  6. Camp in my own tent
  7. Rollerblade in the park
  8. Purge a ridiculous amount of belongings to Good Will and live more simply
  9. Find the cafe in Chicago where you can pet cats while drinking coffee (There’s such a thing as a cat cafe?)
  10. Go back to France – eat less bread; buy more Louis
  11. Find time to teach fitness again
  12. Immerse myself in education at ISPA
  13. Complete the NASM Behavior Change Specialty program; get enough CEUs for CPT renewal
  14. Find Lavender ice cream again
  15. Yoga yoga yoga
  16. Finish 3 of the 5 books I started reading (oops!) before moving on to another
  17. Map out a 5 year plan, then let God’s plan take precedence
  18. Beach vacation! Boca Raton?
  19. Live in total authenticity
  20. Get out just a little more
  21. Stay in when it feels good to slow down
  22. Try the church that happens in the coffee bar
  23. Go to a concert at the Pageant
  24. Visit the Zoo penguins
  25. Bus Tour a new city
  26. Stay away from ball park nachos … forever
  27. Practice regularly getting 8 hours of sleep
  28. Gift The Universe Has Your Back book to someone ready for a game changer
  29. Tell rad ghost stories around a bonfire
  30. See more sunrises
  31. Wear that fuchsia dress again
  32. ¬†Fake an ankle sprain in Chesterfield; apparently that’s where the “good” paramedics are (Disclaimer: dating advice from cousin Nick to be taken with great caution)
  33. Trust and surrender to another trip around the sun full of unexpected high vibe goodness


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